Benefits of XANTHONE

XANTHONES are the yellow pigment with the highest concentrations in the mangosteen fruit. The name Xanthone was named after the Greek word for yellow – xanthos.

Through various researches and study, xanthones have proved to offer protection against different forms of cancer. Xanthones are able to inhibit the growth and proliferation against human leukaemia cells. Other investigation also shown that Xanthones are able to significantly inhibit the growth and proliferation of malignant cells associated with cholangiocarcinoma, which is a malignant tutor in one of the ducts that carries bile from the liver to the small intestine.

Other researches also suggest that xanthone may offer protection for the heart muscle, and offers prevention against damage that could be obtained from a myocardial infarction or heart attack. Compared to untreated group of subjects, subjects who were treated with xanthone shows great improved cardiac function and markedly decreased amount of cardiac damage post myocardial infarction.


Xanthones contains powerful antioxidant properties, wealth of plant nutrients and are great for protection against various cancer, as well as protection of the heart.