Mdm Lo Choon Siew (Puchong) – Breast Cancer

Mdm Lo Choon Siew (52 years old) from Puchong, Kuala Lumpur,  had been feeling unwell, and discovered lump on her breast. She also felt her skin condition degenerating and blackening, with black pigmentation appearing over her face.

Unfortunately, due to her poor knowledge of Breast Cancer, Ms Low was unaware of her condition. She was finally diagnosed by the doctor, after encouragement from her family to seek medical help.

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Miss Low felt hopeless and lost, but was determined to do and try anything to get herself back to good health again.

She then begin her journey through chemotherapy. Her first chemotherapy session was tough and she experienced vomiting, hair lost, ulcer around the mouth area, and worse of all, her body was severely degenerating and she was feeling weaker by the day.

It was during this time, that Ms Low discovered PURTIER Placenta Stem Cell Therapy. Even with family’s objection, Miss Low started her Stem Cell Therapy with PURTIER Placenta.

In the video (in mandarin unfortunately), Miss Low described her experience of consuming PURTIER Placenta. She was gradually seeing positive effects from the therapy, with dark black hair growing again and skin getting smoother and better by the day. Her numbness on her hand and feet, as well as back pain were gone.

During subsequent checkups, doctors were amazed that her cancer cells were gone, and so are her lumps. They were puzzled by her amazing recovery.

Miss Low was consuming 2 capsules of PURTIER Placenta the first week, subsequently as she sees improvement, she increased to 4 capsules, and subsequently 6 capsules a day. She consumed PURTIER Placenta for more than 4 months.

We were happy to have her share her experience with us during our yearly convention. We wish more people will benefit from PURTIER Placenta.

Congratulations Miss Low on your recovery!