Purtier is the REAL Active Stemcell Therapy

There are many StemCell Therapy products in the market whether it’s orally taken or applied externally in the form of cream or mask. However, most products contains claimed StemCell “enhancers” does not really contains Active Stemcells, and are claimed to boost stem cell production.

Unlike other StemCell Therapy products in the market, Purtier Placenta contains Biologically Active Stem Cells in each and every capsule. Purtier Placenta is a Oral StemCell Therapy which is effective, affordable and safe.

Straight from the unpolluted country of New Zealand, Purtier extracts live stem cells from fresh deer placenta and are quickly freeze-dried in our alpha labs. Every capsule are nitrogen filled to ensure the live cells and other nutrients are not oxidised and deteriorated during the encapsulation process.

The nitrogen filled technology is integrated to prevent the decomposition of living cells and other nutrients since our nitrogen filled technology ensures zero oxygen in the capsulation process.

Since all the placenta cells are biologically active, Purtier Placenta is a “living capsule” that provides the greatest effectiveness to the body.