How Purtier Saved My Eyesight After A Stroke

Purtier Testimonial - Stroke and blindness

Stroke, or “Brain Attack”, happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted, causing brain cells to lose its function, causing the symptoms and signs of stroke.

The brain is one of the most important part of the human body, and a stroke can cause long or short term effects which may affect your everyday life. These can include;

  • Swallowing Problems
  • Vision Problems
  • Problems with movement and balances
  • Emotional Changes
  • Communication Problems
  • Taste and Smell issues
  • Memory and thinking problems

Many times, we have consumers taking PURTIER Stem Cell Therapy due to post stroke paralysis – a after effect of stroke causing problems in movement and balances. This time, however, Mike Roberts found out that Stem Cell Therapy can also help in saving his eye sight.

This is what Mike Roberts said.

Late January 2015 I suffered an acute Stroke (Haemorrhagic or known as Burst blood vessel) at the stroke of Midnight and was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital whereby 4 hours later after MRI scan, they located swelling at the back of my head (later found out I had active stage 4 cancer tumour and had to undergo urgent brain surgery).

Few days later a number of eye sight test were done and confirmed I had lost approximately 25% of my vision in both eyes (see below dark areas lost of sight). After taking Purtier, my latest sight test result on 2nd February 2016 show a big improvement and have regain some of my sight. What is amazing is I was told I would NOT regain full recovery as nerves to both eyes were totally 100% damage (chance of improvement is very low). BUT, thanks be to PURTIER we have proven them wrong.

We are happy that something as simple and, as natural as PURTIER Live Cell Therapy, while reverse aging, also helped Mike Roberts regain his eye sight after his stroke episode.

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