Purtier’s Stem Cell Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it effective for infertility? What is the rejuvenation of the ovary?

A. Since consumption of Purtier Placenta does not directly affects the ovaries, the uncertainty is large, but certain effects on ovarian rejuvenation & female infertility are recognized in most stem cell treatments.

Q. Is stem cells effective for diabetes?

A. Stem cell administration has been reported in many papers as a treatment for diabetes and its effectiveness is high. There are cases where you could graduate from insulin injection or dialysis. Purtier’s Stemcell Therapy has seen many successful cases in our consumers who have seen improvement in their diabetic conditions.

Q.Can I receive stem cell therapy if I have cancer?

A.Unfortunately, Purtier’s stem cell therapy does not cure cancer. However, stem cell therapy works well on recovering other tissues that are damaged due to your cancer treatments. Stem cell therapy may strengthen other body tissues which provides you more energy and time to fight cancer.

Q.Does stem cell therapy help preventing illness?

A.There may be damages in your tissues even if you don’t feel any symptoms. Find the potential risks and treat them before they occur would be the best way to prevent illness.

Q.Does stem cell therapy help improving our health?

A.Western medicine mainly focus on using prescriptions or surgeries to treat people, whereas Eastern medicine prefer illness to be healed naturally. Stem cell therapy can be thought as the Western version of Eastern medicine. It fixes the abnormal part and bring it back to normal. The ability of self-healing which exist in our body is vitalized and we now have greater immunity to stay healthy.

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